Thursday, July 30, 2009

Whoa! POW! POW! POW!

Well goodness! After I that last post, I got SICK!!!!!!!!!! It was awful; all chemo side effects. I finally called Mike, he came home and prayed for me and fed me and got me all the things I needed and God heard his prayer and I quickly improved.

Today is Thursday. I went for radiation as normal and then upstairs for a meeting with my oncologist. I was not happy with the way this is affecting me. I had a written list of what I had experienced and I saw Dr. Jameson. He's very direct and straightforward and I think that by the time I was finished with my demands he was happy with me.

I told him either we would do a smaller dose of chemo today with better help with the side effects or I wasn't doing chemo this week. I've decided that I'm not missing any more birthdays or special events because of these treatments and side effects. I explained that Jon turns 7 on Monday, Mike has a birthday on Tuesday and we have 3 new soccer practices starting next week and I am NOT going to miss any of them. Dr. Jameson backed up against the door, threw his hands in the air and said,"you're the boss!" He cut both my chemo meds quite a bit. That should make the major part of the difference. He added a new nausea medicine to my pre-chemo IV regimen.

So, when I got ready for my IV's, I got Zometa in the first bag. It is a bone strengthener that I've been taking for about 6 months now. Then, they put up the bag for the anti-nausea medicine. After it ran about half in, I started feeling BAD! It wasn't supposed to have side effects and I was feeling very uncomfortable, jittery, restless. I wasn't having trouble breathing, but something wasn't right either. Roxanne ( my dear chemo buddy) called for the nurse and very quickly I had two nurses AND the doctor looking me over. They took my blood pressure (it had went down since they took it before I saw the doctor) they took my pulse, blood oxygen level. Then, I had a massive heat flash!!!!!! They turned down the air conditioner for the whole room and gave everyone else a blanket!!!!!!!! They stopped the IV, started saline and I very quickly got past whatever the episode was. Needless to say, I didn't get any more of that! Roxanne gave them back the pills that they had given me for the next two days. After that, they ran in my pre-chemo side effect IV - tagamet, decadron, benadryl and another anti-nausea med. Then, they ran in my chemo drugs - paclitaxel and carboplatin. We started in the oncologist waiting room at 10:45 or so and got out right at 3:00.

Tonight, I feel ok. I've got lots of side effects meds and I'll try to stay in front of it all this round. Please pray against the nausea and EVERYTHING else. It's been disappointing. All my professionals are surprised at how difficult this is proving to be.

On the positive side. It is WORKING! We can tell a marked difference!

When my dear pastor, Mark Ashley, prayed for me this week, I had a vision of cancer cells exploding like fireworks, never to grow in me again!!!!!!!!!!! Pow, pow pow! Ya know, after fireworks explode, they are useless!!!!!!!! No more firing, no more noise, nothing, useless! POW! POW! POW!


  1. Keep your chin up and eyes facing forward. Prayers are going up for all of blogland. SO many fighting ailments of one kind or another. Be strong. Hugs.

  2. Oh Dana, I am praying for you Sister. May God sustain you, keep the nausea away and get rid of every last cancer cell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dana keeping you in my prayers. You are brave and I just know God is right there by your side

  4. Dana,
    As I well know you know, The Living Word spoke this world into existence, and By His name, Yeshua, healthy cells will be sustained and new ones will grow in the place of those that don't belong. That will be my daily prayer.
    Your sister in Messiah forever,
    I love you,

  5. Oh Dana.... I am so sorry you had such a terrible time with side effects. I too am praying and seeing the replacement of bad cells with strong good cells. The Lord is sovereign and rules over your body.