Monday, June 29, 2009

e books

I have downloaded Microsoft reader (free) into my netbook and now I can read books on my netbook. I'm really enjoying. I've downloaded several classics - Treasure Island, Little Women, Captain's Courageous. All free!

I've also downloaded a Debbie Macomber book for less than $4 and Tarzan of the Apes for $2.00.

I'm enjoying this! A great new toy!

Caleb is reading Treasure Island right now. I'm hoping to find some of our homeschool books on ebooks this fall.

I'm hoping that the gutenberg project has books that will work on my reader. I really like the way it works.

If you find any good resources, let me know.

Back to the squash patties

I made the squash patties a couple of days ago...........and changed the recipe and they were really good!

I used 5 "medium" yellow squash and it made a LOT of shredded squash! I shredded the onion along with the squash. Then I squeezed it all out in a towel. It made a LOT of liquid.

I used two eggs instead of one. I used Italian bread crumbs and added dried basil instead of italian seasoning.

When I had it all mixed up together, I found that it was easier to make walnut sized balls of the mixture and place them in the skillet. Then I flattened them with the spatula. It worked really well and they held together really well.

They taste great! I really, really liked it. I'm hoping they will freeze well. We'll soon see!

Happy cooking!


update 6-28-09

I know that it has been a while since many of you have heard from me. I've been doing well, feeling better all the time, more energy, and a clearer mind.

We were hoping that after the last chemo treatment that hormonal therapy would keep the cancer at bay. It should have, but unfortunately, it didn't.

So, within the next couple of weeks we will begin a new course of treatment. I will do 6 weeks of radiation and weekly chemotherapy treatments. The chemo should be "less harsh" than what I experienced before because we will do smaller doses and only one drug. At the end of 6 weeks, the cancer should be small enough to remove with a mastectomy.

We did not do a mastectomy this spring for a couple of reasons. The biggest reason being that the cancer had metastisized to the bones and the benefit of mastectomy is to remove the breast BEFORE the cancer metastasizes. Once breast cancer has metastisized, the risks, side effects and recovery time from the mastectomy is no longer beneficial. Statistically, the mastectomy at that point does not increase life span or quality of life.

Unless...........the cancer in the breast is not controlled by other means - hormonal treatments, chemo, radiation. Surgery is easier on the body than chemo. Since the cancer is dormant in the rest of my body at this time, mastectomy is a good choice - remove the offending part.

So, that is our plan at this time.

Sometime this next week, I should meet with the radiologist to discuss the radiation and I think I'll probably have some more tests run.

We expect that within two weeks, I'll be back in treatment.

So, you ask, how am I doing? It was quite a blow to me this week. I thought I'd get one more month of freedom. I spent a couple of days crying, laughing, crying again. Then, I began to pull it together. I'm not afraid, but I am sad.

So, after not sleeping well Friday night and Saturday night, I slept all Sunday afternoon. Of course that has screwed up my sleep schedule so I am awake in the middle of the night now!

I've spent the last couple of hours planning my next two weeks. I've been doing menu planning. I think that we'll dosome cooking for the freezer this week. I figure two turkeys, for frozen turkey and gravy and tetrazinni's. Ground beef for hamburgers, taco meat, meat loafs and meat balls. All that can be put in the freezer after it's prepared. Mike likes Penne Rustica and it freezes well, also.

Like I said before, I'm not afraid, just sad. My sleeping pills are starting to kick in, so I'll finish this.

God has promised that He will heal me and I believe Him! So, keep praying and watching and waiting for His touch.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

squash patties

recipe for squash patties.........

3 med zucchini
3 med yellow squash

grate and squeeze out the liquid.

mix together:

1 egg
1 c. shredded parmesan
1/3 c. diced vidalia onion
1 1/2 tsp Italian seasoning
pepper and salt to taste
1 c. bread crumbs

add the squash to the mixture and then form into 2" patties.
fry in EVOO and butter about 3 minutes on each side.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

God's many Blessings

Here are pictures of the harvest of our church garden. We have dill pickled cucumbers, dill pickled okra and yellow squash and zucchini. We are also harvesting green beans and peppers already. Thirteen families recieved produce from this work last week!!!!!!!!!!

Our farmers are doing a beautiful job with this! I went to the garden to work on Monday morning and it was fabulous! There was nothing for me to do. The rows are weed free!!!! The vegetables are picked every morning and then stored in a walk in cooler!!! It is amazing the work that our farmers are doing!

Monday, June 15, 2009

yogurt recipe

I found this good yogurt recipe when I was going through my recipe file yesterday. Thought you might be interested.

4 C. Milk
1/2 c dry milk powder
3 -4 T fresh plain yogurt with live cultures

Make sure your equipment is dishwasher clean.

Mix powder into milk and heat in sauce pan to 180 degrees (scalding but do not boil.)

Take it off the heat and let it cool to 110- 115 degrees (warm).

Mix a little of the milk into the ygurt to smooth it and then pour it into the rest of themilk. Mix well. Pour into jars and put it into a picnic cooler surrounded by 115 degree water, cover and allow to set for 5-8 hours. You can also put it into a pan of water and put it in the oven (on off) or wrap it in a towel. Or you can put it into a thermos.

This will make a runny, unsweetened yogurt. You can add sweeteners and fruit to it after it is made. You can add knox gelatin to the milk and that will thicken it up some.


More pickle recipes

Rocky Cunningham’s Salsa

10-12 pounds of tomatoes (1/4 bushel)
4 cloves of garlic minced
6 jalapenos for mild – 12 for hot
3-4 cayenne peppers
¼ c. salt
1 t. cumin

Cook until tender.

Add 3 – 12 oz cans of tomato paste

Boil 10 minutes.

Add 4 large green peppers and 4 large onions

Boil 4 minutes

Fill water bath 2/3 with water and boil.

Fill jars. Add 4-5 leaves of cilantro when jars are filled.

Put lids and rings on and water bath for 15 minutes.

Makes about 7 quarts.

Joyce’s Pickle recipe

4# 3”-5” pickling cucumbers
4 c. 5% acid strength cider vinegar
¼ sugar
3 T canning/pickling salt
1 T mustard seed.

Slice cucumbers ¼ to 1/8” thick to make 4 quarts of slices.

Combine vinegar, sugar, salt and mustard in 6 quart pot. Bring to boil.

Add Cucumbers, return to boil. Simmer until slightly yellow, stirring often, about 8 minutes.

Drain well.

Combine in a 2 Quart pot.
2 c. cider vinegar
3 C. Sugar
2 ¼ t. celery seed
1 T. allspice

Bring to boil.

Pack cucumbers into 5 pint jars. Pour liquid to cover. Put on lids.

Boiling water bath for 15 minutes.

Mrs. Mary Ruth Stacey’s Sweet pickles - Refrigerator

1 Gallon Jar

1 gallon cut up cucumbers.

Add 1 cup canning salt to the gallon of cucumbers. Fill jar with cold water.

Shake up and let stand 3 days in refrigerator.

Pour off liquid and rinse 3 times.

Dissolve 2 T alum in a small amount of boiling water. Add alum mix to pickles and enough cold water to cover pickles.

Let stand 24 hours. Pour off liquid and rinse 3 times.

Cover with white vinegar. (5% acid)

Let stand 7 days. Drain; do not rinse. Throw away vinegar.

At this point you have sour pickles!!!! Very good!

Add 1 tsp turmeric to 3 cups sugar. Mix well and pour over pickles. At the same time, add 1 bag of pickling spices about the size of a golf ball. Shake jar, Let it stand 24 hours. (It will make its own liquid now.)

Add 3 more cups sugar. Let stand 24 hours. Shake well.

Add 3 more cups sugar. Let stand 24 hours. Shake well. (yes, do it twice)

Pickles are ready to jar and water bath!

Joyce’s Chow Chow

2 gallons chopped cabbage
1 gallon chopped green tomato
1 qt chopped onions
¼ c hot green peppers

Place in a pillow case and drain the juices off.

1 ½ pounds of sugar
1 T. dry mustard
1 T ginger
2 T salt
3 T cinnamon
3 Quart vinegar

Mix with cabbage mixture and boil until cabbage is tender.

Jar and water bath.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Amazing Grace by Ben Estes

Benny has been singing Amazing Grace around here lately. Only his version is a little unique - true, but unique.

He sings,
"Amazing grace, how sweet the sound. I once was lost but now I'm found. I once was blind but now I ain't."

I'll never hear it the same again!!!!!!



Here are a few of my favorite pickle recipes. I've tried to give credit to the person who gave me the recipe.....

Sandra Forbes Dill Garlic Pickles for Green Tomatoes or Cucumbers

In clean, sterilized, quart jars place the following:

sprig dill

1/2 clove garlic

hot pepper

Pack in the cucumbers. Then add:

sprig dill

1/2 clove garlic

hot pepper

Add a pinch of alum the size of a pea.

Heat 2 quarts water, 1 quart vinegar, 1 cup canning salt to a boil.

Fill the jars and seal.

for 1 quart of pickles use 1 c. water, 1/2 c. vinegar, 1/8 c. salt

I really like this recipe. I use just a little piece of pepper in the bottom of the jar. I don't like hot pickles. The peppers give it a nice bite though.

I love this recipe! I think they are better than cucumber pickles.

SQUASH PICKLES from Robin Kim's mother's cousin's wife in Arkansas!

1 t SALT


I'll post more as I get them typed out.