Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Homeschooling update

Public school is starting all over the state this week. Many homeschoolers are beginning their school year as well.

The Estii are all happy that we get to set our own schedule!!!!!! We've done limited schooling all summer long and are way ahead of schedule, so we get to continue limited schooling until sometime after Labor Day!

I'm posting about this because several people who love us very much have voiced concern lately about our continued homeschooling. Since I AM NOT SICK, we are choosing to continue homeschooling this year. I am in the middle of a demanding daily treatment regimen, but we are managing our schooling really well. Schooling around radiation treatments is easy and schooling around chemo side effects is do-able with the help that we have.

Nanny does my chores so I can spend my good time with the boys, schooling, playing, swimming, running here and there. I'm surrounded by friends that have always helped me with schooling. We work together with our enrichments, problems, solutions, questions and support. We always have; there is no reason that we wouldn't this year as well.

We've got a month of summer left!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!! Come over and we'll play in the pool!


  1. Who cares what others think. Do you what is best for you and your family. I don't mean to sound so blunt but i'm tired of people judging one another. It's sick. God forbid if something takes a turn, your children WILL remember the sacrifices you made to enrich their lives and what you gave to make it happen. Do you honestly think they will care about the labels of clothing, school lunch or teacher's pets? I don't. They will think fondly of their momma! Bring on homeschooling!!!!

  2. These people are czring about me and concerned. Not judmental. they just eneded reassurance. I 'll be glad when they coe to me for the reassurance instead of talking to my kids about it. Iv'e got everyone seetled down now except my grandmother. They made such great sacrifices for her to attend school and she cannot understand what schools are like today or how wonderful homeschooling can be. I don't judge her, I do however try to comfort her with our decision. She'll be here in a couple of days, I'll show her the work the children are doing and how we are managing. It'll be fine!

  3. Oh Dana, I am sure thes people are just concerned about you. I am glad you can continue homeschooling! I pray the Lord fills you with strength and perseverance! Do a relaxed homeschooling. We homeschool all year and get more time off when we need it.