Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend

Hello all,

I see that it's been a while since I posted! We've been busy!

Sam had July 3 rd off work, so Nanny and I cooked all morning. Then Patty and Trey and Rick and Roxanne came over and we cooked out and played Sequence. If I remember correctly, Roxanne and I beat Mike and Ricky pretty soundly! And, we shot fireworks and sat in the hot tub!

(Patty is Sam's girlfriend - we love her- and Trey is her younger brother.)

On the fourth of July, Chris and Steph came! So we played in the pool and cooked out and shot fireworks again! Next day, Sunday, we all got up and went to church together - 9 of us! It was so wonderful, Sam and Patty on one end of the seats, Chris and Steph on the other end and us in the middle with the "boys". Everyone went on and on about how much Chris looks like Mike and I got to introduce my daughter-in-law, Dr. Stephanie Estes!

Gonna run, now,
love to you all, will post more later,

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