Monday, July 20, 2009

Chemo is not for sissies!

Chemo is not for sissies. I have other things to say about it, but they aren't as polite and I know that I have polite readers, so I will censor myself.

I slept all weekend and had some carsickness on the way to church and the way home. I just couldn't seem to wake up most of the weekend. I was able to eat and I didn't hurt anywhere except with a little belly ache off and on. The doc's said this would be easy. I challenge that statement! I expected it to be easier than this. Although, sleeping all weekend is not particularly hard! VBG

Today, I have a little more energy........a lot more energy. I've been up all day so far, if sitting around is considered "up".

We did manage some schoolwork today, in addition to my radiation treatment.

Pray for my moodiness! I'm trying to keep it under wraps, but I'm not completely successful.

love to you all!

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  1. Anyone going through this is entitled to a bit of moodiness... *wink* I will be starting a chemo drug probably next month for an attack against lupus. I'm not comitted as yet as I'm trying to get all the facts on it. I'm sure it's not the same as what you must endure and for that you have my prayers coming your way. Stay strong and fight back when it kicks you down. Just get you a good fluffy pillow, apply to face & scream it out. :)