Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh MY!!!!!!!! I haven't put anything here since JULY!!!!

Life has not been that busy. I promise!

These days we are settled in with our homeschooling. It's nice. It's the first time we've had so many schooling at our house at one time.

Caleb is doing really well with his work!! Spelling is a good challenge and he is doing really well with his The Life of Fred math! I love Fred!!!! His story is a hoot and I understand his math!!!!!

Jonny is learning to read in his own unique way. I thank God for homeschooling! They don''t always fit the mold and its good that we can change the mold to fit them! In case you didn't know it, Calvin and Hobbs makes a good early reader for a sight reader!!!

Ben wants to do "his" work, too! His speech therapy is going well. He's making great progress!!!

Sam is doing good at Columbia State. He's beginning to accept the challenge!

Chris and Steph are busy!!!!!!! Go by and get an adjustment or a massage! They now have a massage therapist in the office!!!! You can find them on Facebook at Estes Family Chiropractic! WOW!!!! I LOVE that!!!!!!!

All my love to you all!


Friday, July 30, 2010

Down On The Farm

Down On The Farm:

Marci is giving away a $60 gift certificate! You can go to her blog and register!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday canning!

Hello all,

It's been a busy Monday and I am so pleased! I slept late cause I was up in the night tending to Mike. He is running a fever still.

Then, I cooked eggs for the boys. It's been a while since I did that, we've been eating cereal a LOT. I got the first two eggs in the skillet and Caleb came in shouting that we have a new baby chicken!! She sat and sat and sat and hatched out ONE! But it is adorable! Got one chicken still setting............

Then, I came back in and threw out the burned eggs. I forgot to turn off the burner.

Then I burned two more eggs. Then I turned down the skillet and cooked a proper breakfast, egg and tomato sandwiches.

Next, (I bet you thought I was gonna say "Then" again) I took a little swim. I knew I would feel better if I would get a little exercise. Since I was getting in the pool anyway, I grabbed my little bucket and my soap and conditioner and took an outdoor shower when I got out of the pool! IT feels soooo good!

A trip to my neighbor's house, just around the corner. She had told me that they would have green beans for me today. They were still picking when I got there, so I joined in and ended up with a bushel basket full and a five gallon bucket almost full. And a few ears of corn that lie forgotten and neglected in my fridge. I am so happy to have a neighbor to buy from (cheap) instead of having to go to the Amish an hour away.

I came home, Jon cooked lunch..........Grilled sandwiches.

I started snapping beans! We snapped beans and watched movies about Abraham Lincoln all afternoon. Or rather Caleb did. Once I got enough to start the canner, I was stuck in the kitchen most of the time.

Final tally, 31 1/2 quarts of green beans, 1 jar of tomatos and 2 jars of peach halves.

I'm tired but so happy. It's a deep inside kind of happy. Thank you LORD!

love to you all

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Road trip? Yes! Road trip!!!!!!

On June 27, 2010, Sunday, Dana, Caleb, Jon and Ben set out on a new adventure. We were taking our first ever road trip!!!! How bizarre it was to decide to do this; I don't like long car rides, I don't really like to drive; I don't like staying at other people's homes and I don't like to be away from Mike for more than two or three nights at a time. And here we were setting off on a road trip with a weeks worth of driving, meeting new people, and seeing new parts of the country!

Set out we did!!!!! With lots of anticipation! We were ready. Car full of dvds and cds and books and maps and the GPS!

We left home at 8:34am and headed north on I65. We entered Kentucky at 10:13am - 98.3 miles from home. We hit Louisville, Ky at 1:18 pm. It's 229.1 miles from my house to Louisville.

We hit a traffic snarl just before we got to Cinncinnati. Sat in traffic for quite a while waiting for a wreck to be cleared from the interstate.The next big city was Cinncinnati, OH. 3:41 pm, 332.4 miles. The countryside was beautiful!!!!!! Gently rolling hills, green, peaceful!

Why was Cinncinnati traffic so bad on a Sunday? I almost hit a car as we were coming out on the north side of the city. So grateful for quick responses and that angel that must have been sitting on my hood!

Drove past Kings Island --- WOW!!! I was tempted to stop and go in; it looked like lots of fun!! But, I had 2 sleeping boys and miles left to go if I was going to make it to Columbus before night.
So, on toward Columbus!

We had dinner at Bob Evans just south of Columbus, OH. It was really good and we were ready for a nice long dinner and a rest out of the car. I was determined that I was NOT going to drive through another city that day! I figured I could go around Columbus on one of the by-passes. I was so tired!!! We had been on the road close to 11 hours that day! So, I took the GPS, found a couple of hotels on the east side of Columbus and called Mike to ask him to make me a reservation and tell me where to go! He did; he's so sweet!

We stayed the night in an America's Best Value Inn in Heath, OH. They wanted a copy of my drivers license for their files because there had been a murder at a hotel up the road just a few days earlier!!! I was too tired to argue or to go further. I LEFT my drivers' license there! They mailed it to me and Mike brought it to me in Lenoir City at the end of my trip!

Next morning, up and on to Marci's! Will post pics and more later!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Husband!!!!!!!!

An entry for a Valentine's contest........

My husband, Mike, is one of the world’s most loving, patient and giving men. In September, 2008, I was diagnosed with aggressive Stage 4 breast cancer. We were stunned!Mike declared that we would beat this disease and that we would live to be old together. He never faltered, never wavered. He stood by me for every invasive test and difficult doctors appointment. He spent every chemotherapy weekend by my bedside nursing me.

We have five sons and he has been both mother and father to them. They didn’t miss their Saturday trips to the dump and the store; an long-standing tradition. They didn’t miss any of the things that they needed in order to grow and succeed through this difficult time. He made sure they were cared for, so I could concentrate on getting well.

Mike maintained our home, our lives throughout this time. He spent months by my bedside as I battled the disease and the treatments. There is nothing harder than seeing a loved one suffer. Mike has known that pain and has remained ever faithful, encouraging and diligent.

Now is the time for celebration. All my scans show that I am cancer free! We are celebrating my recovery and are planning for the future once again. He was correct, I am well.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Physical Therapy - Ouch!

How neglectful I've been!!!!!

Since November, we've been to Chicago for a family vacation, we've had Christmas, a holiday trip to Lenoir City to see Chris and Stephanie's Chiropractic practice, Sam has gone back to school, Homeschool Enrichment has started and I'm doing water aerobics and physical therapy........... whew!

I started physical therapy as soon as the plastic surgeon said I was healed enough from the surgery. As I sat and waited for the hematoma to heal, my shoulder froze up and the muscles deteriorated. I am working really hard to UNDO that!

I had a CT scan in January and it showed no signs of cancer ANYWHERE! My tumor marker was low and I am doing really well. Physically, I feel GREAT! Mentally, I'm doing better - sharper and sharper all the time!

Caleb's Country Eggs

Caleb has his first dozen eggs to sell!!!!!!