Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Husband!!!!!!!!

An entry for a Valentine's contest........

My husband, Mike, is one of the world’s most loving, patient and giving men. In September, 2008, I was diagnosed with aggressive Stage 4 breast cancer. We were stunned!Mike declared that we would beat this disease and that we would live to be old together. He never faltered, never wavered. He stood by me for every invasive test and difficult doctors appointment. He spent every chemotherapy weekend by my bedside nursing me.

We have five sons and he has been both mother and father to them. They didn’t miss their Saturday trips to the dump and the store; an long-standing tradition. They didn’t miss any of the things that they needed in order to grow and succeed through this difficult time. He made sure they were cared for, so I could concentrate on getting well.

Mike maintained our home, our lives throughout this time. He spent months by my bedside as I battled the disease and the treatments. There is nothing harder than seeing a loved one suffer. Mike has known that pain and has remained ever faithful, encouraging and diligent.

Now is the time for celebration. All my scans show that I am cancer free! We are celebrating my recovery and are planning for the future once again. He was correct, I am well.

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  1. Oh Dana, this made me cry. You got a good one all right!!