Saturday, August 15, 2009

treatment update

Radiation is going well. I am scheduled to be done by Sept 2. Chemo will be done the Friday before. That means only two more CHEMOS!!!!!!!!!! I can see the ligth at the endo fo the tunnel.

I'm feeling really good for a the day after chemo. It seems to be getting better for me. Praise God for that, HE is merciful!

My body is responding well to the treatments! When I'm done with this round of treatment, I'll scedule lots of tests, CT, bone scan, pet scan and maybe a breast MRi. I'll see hte radiologist, oncologist and the surgeon (maybe twice.) adn the plastic surgeon. Make all the decisions and then we are planning a mastectomy and reconstruction. Gonna get this stuff out of me and be done with it!

Love to you all, will update again when I have any news.

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