Monday, June 29, 2009

update 6-28-09

I know that it has been a while since many of you have heard from me. I've been doing well, feeling better all the time, more energy, and a clearer mind.

We were hoping that after the last chemo treatment that hormonal therapy would keep the cancer at bay. It should have, but unfortunately, it didn't.

So, within the next couple of weeks we will begin a new course of treatment. I will do 6 weeks of radiation and weekly chemotherapy treatments. The chemo should be "less harsh" than what I experienced before because we will do smaller doses and only one drug. At the end of 6 weeks, the cancer should be small enough to remove with a mastectomy.

We did not do a mastectomy this spring for a couple of reasons. The biggest reason being that the cancer had metastisized to the bones and the benefit of mastectomy is to remove the breast BEFORE the cancer metastasizes. Once breast cancer has metastisized, the risks, side effects and recovery time from the mastectomy is no longer beneficial. Statistically, the mastectomy at that point does not increase life span or quality of life.

Unless...........the cancer in the breast is not controlled by other means - hormonal treatments, chemo, radiation. Surgery is easier on the body than chemo. Since the cancer is dormant in the rest of my body at this time, mastectomy is a good choice - remove the offending part.

So, that is our plan at this time.

Sometime this next week, I should meet with the radiologist to discuss the radiation and I think I'll probably have some more tests run.

We expect that within two weeks, I'll be back in treatment.

So, you ask, how am I doing? It was quite a blow to me this week. I thought I'd get one more month of freedom. I spent a couple of days crying, laughing, crying again. Then, I began to pull it together. I'm not afraid, but I am sad.

So, after not sleeping well Friday night and Saturday night, I slept all Sunday afternoon. Of course that has screwed up my sleep schedule so I am awake in the middle of the night now!

I've spent the last couple of hours planning my next two weeks. I've been doing menu planning. I think that we'll dosome cooking for the freezer this week. I figure two turkeys, for frozen turkey and gravy and tetrazinni's. Ground beef for hamburgers, taco meat, meat loafs and meat balls. All that can be put in the freezer after it's prepared. Mike likes Penne Rustica and it freezes well, also.

Like I said before, I'm not afraid, just sad. My sleeping pills are starting to kick in, so I'll finish this.

God has promised that He will heal me and I believe Him! So, keep praying and watching and waiting for His touch.

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