Monday, June 29, 2009

Back to the squash patties

I made the squash patties a couple of days ago...........and changed the recipe and they were really good!

I used 5 "medium" yellow squash and it made a LOT of shredded squash! I shredded the onion along with the squash. Then I squeezed it all out in a towel. It made a LOT of liquid.

I used two eggs instead of one. I used Italian bread crumbs and added dried basil instead of italian seasoning.

When I had it all mixed up together, I found that it was easier to make walnut sized balls of the mixture and place them in the skillet. Then I flattened them with the spatula. It worked really well and they held together really well.

They taste great! I really, really liked it. I'm hoping they will freeze well. We'll soon see!

Happy cooking!


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