Sunday, May 17, 2009

What's for dinner

It's Sunday evening and here's what we are all up to.

Sam is at Patty's house, not eating chicken! (He's a vegetarian.)

It's 60 degrees outside here according to our thermometer and Jonny decided to get in the swimming pool. That lasted all of five minutes and he is in the hot tub now!

Caleb and Mike and Ben are throwing baseball in the back yard. Mr. Estes (Pa) gave the boys some money this weekend and Caleb spent his on a ball and bat. Jon wanted to buy swim fins but couldn't find any his size so he found last year's fins in the shed (motivation), thus the desire to swim in the pool on this chilly willy day.

I'm sitting outside surfing the web and warming dinner in the microwave. Tonight we're having homemade soup (hamburger, red beans, okra, corn, tomatoes, onions, green beans) that I found frozen left over from another meal back in the winter. I thought that rice would go good with it, so I pulled a bag of leftover rice out of the freezer as well. It's thawing in the steamer on the stove. I'm thinking I'll fry some tortillas to eat with it, but won't guarantee it.

I'm bored with our food these days, so I'd love to see some of your menus! I've been looking at a website I think I'll spend some more time there. She gives you dinner ideas based on the sales at your local stores! Includes WalMart, Kroger and Save a Lot. She got some good links to others blogs as well...........blogs for coupons, recipes and frugal living. Anyway, I'm motivated for this week!

Love to you all!

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