Friday, May 15, 2009


This is what homeschooling, having lots of boys and summertime is all about!

What better excuse to stop the housework than to see the snake!

First, we determined that it is not poisonous. It's head is shaped like your thumb instead of a triangle. Then, we determined to catch it! By the time we got that far into the process, it was very displeased with us! It struck at us repeatedly! But, with the aid of a shovel, I pinned him down (all snakes are boys, right?) and grabbed him behind the head.

The brave holder of the snake is our friend John. His brother Cotter was here for the adventure as well. My Jon found him and Caleb was involved in all aspects of the hunt! Benny didn't like it much, but he was willing to linger on the periphery.

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