Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday canning!

Hello all,

It's been a busy Monday and I am so pleased! I slept late cause I was up in the night tending to Mike. He is running a fever still.

Then, I cooked eggs for the boys. It's been a while since I did that, we've been eating cereal a LOT. I got the first two eggs in the skillet and Caleb came in shouting that we have a new baby chicken!! She sat and sat and sat and hatched out ONE! But it is adorable! Got one chicken still setting............

Then, I came back in and threw out the burned eggs. I forgot to turn off the burner.

Then I burned two more eggs. Then I turned down the skillet and cooked a proper breakfast, egg and tomato sandwiches.

Next, (I bet you thought I was gonna say "Then" again) I took a little swim. I knew I would feel better if I would get a little exercise. Since I was getting in the pool anyway, I grabbed my little bucket and my soap and conditioner and took an outdoor shower when I got out of the pool! IT feels soooo good!

A trip to my neighbor's house, just around the corner. She had told me that they would have green beans for me today. They were still picking when I got there, so I joined in and ended up with a bushel basket full and a five gallon bucket almost full. And a few ears of corn that lie forgotten and neglected in my fridge. I am so happy to have a neighbor to buy from (cheap) instead of having to go to the Amish an hour away.

I came home, Jon cooked lunch..........Grilled sandwiches.

I started snapping beans! We snapped beans and watched movies about Abraham Lincoln all afternoon. Or rather Caleb did. Once I got enough to start the canner, I was stuck in the kitchen most of the time.

Final tally, 31 1/2 quarts of green beans, 1 jar of tomatos and 2 jars of peach halves.

I'm tired but so happy. It's a deep inside kind of happy. Thank you LORD!

love to you all

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