Thursday, October 8, 2009

China Day

Today, we got together with the Thomas's and the Lee's and did our study on China!

It was great fun! The children did reports.........I'll try to remember what everyone talked about.

John talked about Pandas and two other topics......The Great Wall of China....

Caleb talked about government

Naomi talked about Hudson Taylor, the first missionary to China

Darci taught origami

Isaac talked about Pandas as well. He wrote the cutest story/production

Cotter talked about silk and brought a jacket and hat from China

Linda told about her missionary friends who were working in China

Noah told about sports in China - did you know that Ping Pong started in England?

I read from the book, Jesus Freaks, about the persecution of Christians in China and a story of two young girls who were martyred.

We prayed for the Chinese people and for the Christians in the country.

Then we cooked an American/Chinese dinner! Egg rolls, fried wontons, fried rice, stirfried vegs, shrimp, chicken, green beans, wonton soup. We had chop sticks. We had fortune cookies. I forgot to serve the cream puffs.

By the time the dishes were all done, the adults were ready to retire to the yard to sit under the trees and rest. I suppose we should have taken a walk, but the lawn chairs were calling.

THEN, Linda taught Vickie and Darcie to knit!

What a wonderful way to spend a day.

We are all looking forward to our next homeschool day!

Will we study Africa and eat Ethiopian? Will we study Spain or Mexico and have tacos and burritos?



  1. Dana, I would like to introduce myself to you. I am a friend of Sherry F (don't know if I should use last names here) who told me about you. We meet every week for a few hours and pray for our nation. I am also a homeschool mom and live right around the corner from you. Today I started to call you but was unsure how you felt so I am dropping you a note to introduce myself.
    My son Reese is 16 and we are looking for homeschool activities close by.
    Do you know of anything?
    Jeannie M

  2. Man, We could have been show and tell! ;)
    What a great idea!
    You are in my prayers....