Wednesday, October 7, 2009

treatment update 10-07-09

Saw Dr. Joel today. He is sooooooooo good to me! He sat down with me and went over every word of my test results that I was unsure or apprehensive about! HE explained it all.

As I've said before, we really didn't see anything new. The things that were mentioned in the reports were all things that had shown up before except for the spot on the colon - which very well may be nothing at all.

His advice was to DO THE SURGERY! HE said that it is needed and that it is important to do it now while we have this window of opportunity. We spoke of some of the advances they are making and the new machine that they are getting in his office for treating other cancers.

The difference between him and some of my other doctors is that he doesn't think of me as dying.

I am NOT dying! I am much more well now than I was this time last year and I feel good these days.

I love you all!!!!

Sleep well! Peace I give to you!

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