Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Treatment update 9-30-09

Ok, since I posted last............finished chemo on August 28, radiation on Sept 4. Then a wait while the radiation finished it's work.

On September 21, I saw the surgeon. He ordered LOTS of tests.

This Monday, I saw the plastic surgeon. We are not planning any reconstruction at this time. However, I will need the plastic surgeon to do some work to ensure that the wound heals and closes properly.

On Tuesday, I had a MRM - a special MRI of the breast. It will show where the cancer is in the breast and it will show if there is any left in the chest wall muscles. If it is NOT in the chest wall, we will probably be able to do the surgery this time. We'll see.

On Wednesday, I get a bone scan. I'm waiting for that now.

On Thursday, I get a CT and a PET scan.

None of these scans are difficult. Mostly just lie still and rest while they do them!

Don't be in a hurry for results from any of these scans. I'll put out an update next Tuesday or Wednesday. Won't have any results before then.

We don't expect any surprises from the scans. I've been on chemo and radiation and it's done a good job of shrinking the cancer once again.

It's been a year in this battle. I'm doing well. I feel good, my strength is renewed, my hope is renewed. I'm not "dying".

Read your Bible!!!!!! It's promises are true for today. Read them, get them into your spirit again!

Salvation, healing, and deliverance are as sure for you today as they were for those whom Jesus touched while he walked the earth........the epileptic boy, the woman with the bleeding, the deaf, the blind the crippled. Many of them did not know Jesus, they did not believe, but he healed them because someone asked on their behalf! How exciting is that? I don't even have to know Him for Him to heal me! How much better for me that I believe!

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  1. Oh Dana, I am still praying for you daily. May the Lord remove this cancer entirely from your body!!!