Wednesday, September 30, 2009

family update 9/30/09

WOW! September has proven to be a busy month!

Sam's car has broken down weekly since we got the engine replaced! Can you say "money pit?" I'm not sure of it, but I think that we are gong to let it "lie in state" for a couple of weeks while we take a breather, spend $2 on somethng that is not that car, and figure out what to do about it. We are all mutually fed up with it.

Jon and Ben have started speech therapy again. Twice a week in the middle of the afternoon. It's demanding because it monopolizes the whole afternoon. But they are both making good progress and we are hoping that this will be Jon's last year.

Mike got a promotion to Director of Business Developement! We're so excited about that!

Chris finished Chiropractic school! He is now a doctor!

Drs. Chris and Stephanie Estes will be opening their practice in Loudon, TN within the next two months!!!!!!!

We met them in Lenoir City this past weekend to look the area over, look at houses and commercial rental property. We had a blast! We met a commercial contractor who was renovating an historic building in Loudon and he invited them to the Rotary Club lunch on Tuesday. They treated Chris and Steph like royalty and were so excited that they were planning to practice there! It's sooooo much fun to be treated well and recognized for the work that you want to do!

They are renting a parsonage to live in until they are on their feet enough to buy a house!!

Caleb and Ben and Jon are playing soccer. Three different teams, practicing on three different fields, three days a week with games EARLY on Saturday mornings. They are having a blast!!!! Caleb has taken Sam's training and is doing really well. They didn't play last fall and I was surprised at how much he has improved in this time off!

I'll do my update on a different post.
Love to you all!

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