Saturday, September 5, 2009

Testosterone Strikes Again!!!!!

I'm wondering, do little boys start to feel a bit of testoterone around 4 and a half years old or is it just that they are aware that they are alive and can do what they want to do?

I keep thinking that it will be easier when Benny is five years old.........................hmmmmmm, is that a forgotten wisdom or is it wishful thinking??

Here's the scene....

On Wednesday night we have tickets to the Walking Horse Celebration in Shelbyville. Free tickets, nice weather, close by, lots of fun, so we go with all our ADULT friends. Boys, safe at home with babysitter.

We've been there for an hour and half and we get THE phone call.

Benny has jumped off the couch; Jon swiped Benny's foot on his way down; Benny stumbles and falls face first onto the fireplace! Screaming and bleeding ensue. Babysitter calls us, we rush home.

By the time we got home the bleeding was stopped, but it was easily evident that he needed stitches.

He was so brave.

Yesterday, he wore his Badge of Honor that Mr. Clay made for him. For Courage and Strength and Bravery! Well deserved Benny!!!!


  1. Bless his little head. My son has an autistic disorder and when he was 4/5 he thought he was super man.... off the top bunk.....; yeah.. crash, er visit, cps called to be sure we are not beating said son.. though the inclanation struck me once to break the habit but I thought the better of it.... of course once they realize he is autistic well it was fine.

    Yes, I do recall those days some.. oh... few years ago. :)

  2. Ow! My face is wrenched up just reading about this! What a headache. I hope he heals quickly!

  3. OHhhhh..... with three boys I know exactly how you feel. I also know the emergency attendants know you by name. Bless this little guy. He will enjoy boasting about it through the years.