Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh MY!!!!!!!! I haven't put anything here since JULY!!!!

Life has not been that busy. I promise!

These days we are settled in with our homeschooling. It's nice. It's the first time we've had so many schooling at our house at one time.

Caleb is doing really well with his work!! Spelling is a good challenge and he is doing really well with his The Life of Fred math! I love Fred!!!! His story is a hoot and I understand his math!!!!!

Jonny is learning to read in his own unique way. I thank God for homeschooling! They don''t always fit the mold and its good that we can change the mold to fit them! In case you didn't know it, Calvin and Hobbs makes a good early reader for a sight reader!!!

Ben wants to do "his" work, too! His speech therapy is going well. He's making great progress!!!

Sam is doing good at Columbia State. He's beginning to accept the challenge!

Chris and Steph are busy!!!!!!! Go by and get an adjustment or a massage! They now have a massage therapist in the office!!!! You can find them on Facebook at Estes Family Chiropractic! WOW!!!! I LOVE that!!!!!!!

All my love to you all!



  1. Would you update more often!! ;) I love to hear about the boys school adventures. I want to try Life of Fred Math with Sage)
    Praying or you and your needs.

    Update more!

  2. Oh Dana, I will miss your sweet smile and your laughter and your joy. I love you my friend. Goodbye for now!!!!

  3. My sweet precious friend.... I will always adore and miss you, your laughter and beautiful southern voice (which I have saved on my voice messesages!) but will see you soon with our Lord!


  4. Missing you so much my friend!! Still praying for your family.